Great Movies with Bad Endings

We’ve all felt the pain of sitting through the latest blockbuster only to find that the ending is less than what we’d hoped for. Whether it leaves more questions than it answers or simply turns the whole movie into a giant plot hole, there have been plenty of examples of amazing movies that fall at the final hurdle.

A.I. by Steven Spielberg was the heartfelt tale of a robot that wanted to become human, a la Pinocchio. The famed director put so much thought into the premise and how the actors would portray their emotions, which made the majority of the movie spectacular. Where the movie began to ditch this perfect story telling was the final act of the film, in which aliens descend and what could have been a delightful tale turns into a bit of a nightmare.

Worse than a terrible endings are movies that really don’t have a concrete ending, which leaves viewers unfulfilled and seeking a hobby other than movie watching, like playing popular online slots games (it can be far more exciting more than the end of these movies offer better). The Ninth Gate was one of these movies and viewers quickly felt disillusioned as a movie that gathered speed and intrigue was cut off by perhaps one of the most ambiguous endings of all time. In the end all viewers are left with from this movie is an all too speedy fade to white.

It’s common for horror movies to employ a final twist in the tale to shock the viewer and psychological horrors can use this to a massive effect. High Tension is a slasher film that was so bloody that the MPAA had to step in on numerous scenes in this movie in which a killer ravages those on a weekend holiday. The final scenes show that the killer was really the main character all along, a fact that is hidden to the audience until that point. This could have been a fantastic end to this film but in retrospect none of the scenes make sense, or are even possible if this character is the killer and it doesn’t take long for film fans to spot these errors, especially if you’ve checked out the end.

The Devil’s Advocate stars a young Keanu Reeves in top form, which for the majority of the movie makes for a masterpiece. Even he can’t carry the end of this movie though, which sees Satan himself on screen to confuse movie goers. Reeves plays a high powered lawyer who finds out he’s the son of the Devil but foils his evil designs in a somewhat vague manner. At the end of the movie we see a character form the face of the devil, which really stirs the plot back up and begs the question of what the aim of the movie really was.