Review Notes

What is 'Watchability'?

Watchability is the score given to repeat viewings of the movie - you can have an action packed movie (for example anything by Jackie Chan) that may not be the best-directed (or acted!) movie, but the stunts are fun and action non-stop that the movie is better than it deserves to be, and also worth a watch when it re-runs on tv.

  Likewise, a thriller-drama or film with a major 'twist' at the end (such as the Sixth Sense, The Village or pretty much anything else by M.Night Shyamalan) may be a 5*star-10/10 movie, but once you know the ending, do you really want to sit through the entire entire movie again?

  The Watchability factor is something to look out for if you've only watched the start of the movie and want to know whether you should stick with it (or perhaps own it), or save yourself some time to do something more constructive - like watching something else!



Our Rating System

5*s or a score out of 10?  It seems everyone has a preference - personally I prefer a 5*star system - but we have chosen the 10 point ratings for 'How Does the Movie End' as it is easier, visually, to show 10 unique marks than to show "half" stars, and also easy enough for those used to a 5star system to half the rating they see available.

The majority of international internet movie sites and trade magazines prefer to offer ratings out of 10, or as a percent, whereas UK-based ratings typically use the 5star system. 'How Does the Movie End' attracts interest from an international market with registered members from all across the globe, so the decision was taken to stick with the 10/10 rating system for the forseeable future.



Found an Error?

Please tell us about it! 'How Does the Movie End' is a community-driven mega movie site where registered members, once approved, can add their own movie reviews, and for this reason we need the site to be 100% error-free and as accurate as possible. 

To submit your error please email our Admin team.

If you have a different opinion about an element of a written movie review, but where it is not necessarily a factual or timeline error, then why not add a comment under the review? It could be the reason for a megalomaniac's destruction of a city, the response to the death of a character, or something that might have been missed by everyone else -- whatever it is, we want to hear about it.



Want to Write?

We need a team of genuine movie-buffs to add many more movies to our database! Do you watch a movie, even if its a stinker, right to the very end just to find out what happened? We need you! Do you read the same old boring reviews in newspapers & trade mags and long to put your own spin on things? We need you on our site!

  To contribute simply email our team at 

  We need the information entered to be as accurate as possible - and we recommend a site such as to help with character names and other release information.

  Plot outlines and "So, How does the movie end" features must all be your own work - we don't want you to cut and paste from a different source. All written content on this site is original, although inspired by the movies we review, and for that reason we need this site to be unique - a site other movie fans come to for guidance.

  Want to write but need a little fine-tuning? No problem - just let us know and we'll see what we can do together.